Nurph Launches ‘Channels’ To Turn Twitter Handles Into Real-Time Chat


Nurph is a tool for Twitter that allows people to engage in real-time group chats, events planning, and more.

The startup wants to be the ‘home’ for Twitter Hashtags, a place where chats can be created with handles and friends can be invited to join the discussion and chat in real-time instead of slower @ replies.

Nurph has also closed a new round of funding, following a $91,000 investment in 2010, bringings its total funds invested to over $331,000 from angel investors, direct loans, and friends and family borrowings.

With Nurph channels, users can schedule Twitter chats, gather a Twitter community in real-time, record chats, watch replays of chats, view chat statistics, and discover a world of Twitter conversations.

Some of the popular Twitter communities that have been created on Nurph includes #BoardGameHour, #TutorChat, #BoardGamersAsk, #NostalgiaChat, #RotaryChat, and #NSAchat.

Many people attest to Nurph’s ability to enhance the Twitter chat experience. Some describe it as really feeling like a chat.

However, Nurph isn’t the only competitor in this space. They are going up against TweetChat and TWChat among others, but none of those are as visually enticing or have as much traction as Nurph.



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