Police Hunt Nude Man Making Kitten Noises While Hiding In Bushes


A bunch of schoolgirls were left in tears after finding a nude man hiding in a nearby bush making kitten noises.

Cheshire Police are on the hunt for a naked man hiding in bushes making kitty cat sounds; Photo by: Deeside

Police in Cheshire have launched an investigation after officers were dialed to a wooded area approximately Wednesday at 4 pm.

Investigators say the group of children, who were escorted by an adult, had been looking for what they thought to be kittens after hearing noises but on the contrary came across a bare-butt man holding a cushion in front of him.

Photo: Flickr

Posting via Facebook, the parent of one of the children sounded the alarm as an alert to others.

The concerned father stated: “I’ve never been so disgusted in my whole life. So I’ve just had my daughter on the phone – she is keeping it together but still shook up.

“Last Friday, I think it was, she rang me up saying that she could hear cat noises coming from a bush at the back of where she lives and she saw a cat run out of there but could still hear noises as if baby kittens were there.

“They were coming from behind a big spiked fence. She is a kind caring little soul and so wanted to go and find them.

“I told her not to but, kids being kids, she grabbed her lil mate, who is eight years of age, and walked around to try and help these kittens that they thought they could hear.

“They said they could hear noises right near where they had walked round to but couldn’t manage to find anything, stating the noise seemed to get further away.”

The dad added that he didn’t give it much thought, however recalled the kitten noises could be heard over the next several days.

“These poor little girls have been desperate to find these cats to help them. “A couple of them went round with their mum again and found a naked man in a bush playing kitten noises. “I’m absolutely disgusted and heartbroken for her and all the rest of the little girls involved – she’s in tears.”

Cheshire Police are working around-the-clock to find the ‘bush perv’; Photo by: BBC

Law enforcement made a search of the area, but there was no trace of the man and no further reports have surfaced.

Sgt. Ruth Atherton stressed: “The children were understandably left shocked by the incident. I would urge anyone with any information on the man or who sees anyone acting suspiciously in the area to contact the Cheshire police.”


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