NPR Prints Wrong Twitter Handle, Random Blogger Deals With The Hate

wrong twitter handle

One random blogger became the victim of hateful tweets after his Twitter handle was mistaken for that of ousted Democratic Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz. NPR accidentally posted the Twitter handle of blogger Dave W. Smith instead of Schultz and it is easy to see why. Smith’s handle is @DWS, while Schultz’ is @DWSTweets.

NPR quickly fixed the mistake, but the damage was already done. Smith immediately began recieving hateful tweets and all kinds of negative comments from those that though he was the resigning leader.

However, Smith took it all in stride.

He even made a joke about it.

If you have been following this dramatic presidential race, the latest controversy involves Schultz’s admitted involvement with the Democratic National Convention favoring Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders. Leaked emails uncovered the controversy and Schultz has since stepped down from her role.

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