Nike Using Soccer Stars, Vine To Advertise Magista Shoes

Nike has long been considered a pioneer in advertising. From “Just Do It” to Air Jordans to their recent Back to the Future II remake shoes, they have always done a great job at advertising. That success extends into their social media efforts as well, with their brand of fitness wearables taking advantage of Facebook and other social media sites in a way above and beyond other fitness wearables. But today, they put out some short ads for their line of Magista soccer cleats they just announced last week. How short are the ads you ask? Oh, about six and a half seconds.

Nike is using Vine and two soccer stars to advertise the near weightless, sock knitted inside shoe. The shoe is wild, so I guess Nike decided to go with an equally strange advertising campaign.

The two soccer stars are Andres Iniesta, and Mario Gotze. I’m a fan of American football, not “footie” or “futbol” or soccer, so I had to look up information on both of them. According to my extremely superficial research, Iniesta plays for FC Barcelona and the Spanish National team. He won the UEFA Best Player of Europe Award in 2012. Gotze plays for Bayern Munich and the German national team and is apparently Germany’s second highest paid soccer player.

Check out the Vines below.

Want to tell the world what you think of Nike’s bizarre new Magista Soccer cleat or its Vine advertising campaign? Do you want to tell me that I need to shut my arrogant American mouth and stop saying the word “soccer?” Either way, use the buttons below.

[Photo Credit: Nike]



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