Cloaq A Mix Between Secret And Whisper, Even Its Team Is Anonymous


Anonymous social networks like Secret, which recently raised $10 million, are picking up steam and a new service “Cloaq” has thrown its hat into the ring.

However, we don’t know much about the upcoming app thanks to a mysterious team that is maybe taking its concept a bit too far.

According to TechCrunch, it’s a real thing, and writer Sarah Parez agreed to not reveal the identity of the folks behind Cloaq.

From who we’ll call Lord Snuggles:

“Explains one, the team “decided that, in order to stay 100% focused on product, we will take our core theme of anonymity a bit further and remain cloaked ourselves.” In addition, the group “will not be publicly speaking or responding to press inquiries and will basically remain faceless and nameless beyond ‘Team Cloaq.'”

Unlike other anonymous apps, Cloaq is said to not have any character limits, and posts can be tagged with a relevant category for others to find.

Also, the app will not require an email address or phone number, and users can sign in with their own specially assigned ID and password.

From Co-Founder Mr. Snookums:

“So, even if there is a hack… there is no personal information to retrieve. That’s my only beef with Secret. It’s really fun to use and consume micro-content on, but I still wont post anything that I wouldn’t want coming back to me, because they have my personal information.”

TechCrunch says we’ll see more about Cloaq “in a few weeks’ time” with the app first hitting iOS.

Photo credit: Michelangelo Carrieri

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