Nicki Minaj Does Kim Kardashian And Beyoncé Impressions On ‘Saturday Night Live’ [Watch]

Nicki Minaj on SNL

This week’s Saturday Night Live duo featured actor James Franco and musical guest Nicki Minaj.

Nicki Minaj served as a double threat doing two musical numbers, “Bed of Lies (featuring Skylar Grey)” and “Only” / “All Things Go”, and appearing in some sketches, showcasing her celebrity impersonation skills.

The highlight of her impressions came out during the “Jingle Ballerz Special” skit while Minaj acted as Beyoncé while surrounded by members of the SNL cast pretending to be other hip hop singers/rap all-stars. Taran Killam as Eminem, Kenan Thompson as Rick Ross, and James Franco as RiFF RAFF. Please let us not forget to mention Kate McKinnons flawless Justin Bieber impression once again.

Nicki Minaj’s appearance was welcomed once again on Weekend Update as she impersonated Kim Kardashian and spoke of the recent Paper magazine photo shoot. Minaj jokes how each photo was misinterpreted for a different message like “It was actually a public service announcement about getting regular checkups from your gynecologist.”

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