‘Indiana – Cage’? Nic Cage Replaces Actors’ Faces In Film Scenes [Video]


Imagine … If Nicolas Cage would of played the Godfather? Ha right! 

Photo: Derpfake; “You talk about vengeance. Is vengeance going to bring your son back to you? Or my boy to me?”

Wow look at the kitty, lol! We can’t.

In their latest video, Derpfakes features action movie star Nicolas Cage – taking his face and replacing those of famous actors in epic movie scenes using AI.

“The first of many Nic Cage Mega Mixes. As always with derpfakes, there is a trade off between quality, likeness and Cage. In this video I put max points into Cage. Enjoy!” said Derpfakes.

The Heat scene stop! ????

Did you hear that, though? ‘The first of many.’ Well alright, — something to (finally) anticipate.

Now we’re not saying that lately we’ve had a hard time finding stuff to get charged about, however making an egg salad sandwich was this (past) weekends’ main attraction! Sad, yes but now we have motion picture-style Nic Cage memes to look forward to.

Wait a sec, how did all of this tack Nic Cage’s face onto other persons faces stuff begin anyway?

Well a few years back, a Tumblr named “Nic Cage As Everyone” introduced the ‘net to the notion of placing Cage into major moments in art, history, and film. Fast forward to now, and you can view Cage as basically any character in any movie – e.g. Superman, Indiana Jones, et cetera.


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