New Startup Newspeg Puts Pinterest-Style Spin On Journalism


It’s no secret that Pinterest is a great way to organize and bookmark things such as recipes, home decoration tips, celebrity photos, and entertaining videos. However, for those who would like to save articles that have a more serious tone, Newspeg just may be for you.

Newspeg is a site with the feel of Pinterest where people can easily share and save news stories in a visual way. The site picks up graphics from the stories but also links back to the original publication site and shows the sources so that publishers get their credit.

Just like Pinterest, Newspeg works by using a browser plug-in that lets you bookmark stories by clicking “Peg It” whenever you come across articles you would like to save.

The headline along with a link to the story are automatically added to a submission form, then you can choose a photo on the page, edit the headline, or add a comment.

Newspeg could be useful for writers who need a way to categorize their articles by specific topics or want to organize research for writing future pieces.

Founder and CEO Mark Potts says he hopes news organizations will consider using Newspeg as a content management system. He encourages everyone to try out Newspeg for bookmarking journalistic articles and welcomes all feedback.



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