Netflix Users: Watch Out For Phishing Scam

Netflix phishing scam

Netflix has around 175,000 users in Ireland, and they are all being warned to be on the alert for a phishing scam, which has been discovered by IT security company

If you’re a Netflix user, and you are being targeted by the hoax, you will receive an email asking you to update your credit card details. Otherwise, your Netflix account will be cancelled. With Orange is The New Black just starting (among many other much awaited shows!), this kind of email can certainly make one panic!

Panic if you must, but don’t do anything actionable. DO NOT CLICK THAT LINK. Instead, just press delete.

You know how phishing scams go – you’ll have even more reason to panic if you get scammed. This isn’t as innocent as falling for a Facebook hoax.

Ronan Murphy, executive of Smarttech, tweets.


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