Nerf Darts Stick To Your Eyeballs, In Case You’ve Ever Wondered [Video]

nerf darts

Well, thank goodness someone cleared that up. I’m sure we’ve all been dying to know if Nerf darts stick to eyeballs. No… that’s a lie. The thought never even crossed our mind, why would we want foam toys in our eyes?

Charles Tietjen would disagree. He uploaded a video to YouTube showing him sticking Nerf darts to his eyeballs. Yes, it is as gross as it sounds. Just a warning, this video is not for the easily grossed out.

Hailing from Idaho, Tietjen shared about is experience on Reddit. Of course, the video sparked tons of comments. Most of them remarking about the stupidity of the stunt.

Even an optometrist agreed that this is stupid and that Tietjen is lucky he didn’t injury his eye.

“As an optometrist I’m torn. This is a great video on how the eyes move and gives a visualization of the visual axis, but on the other hand I’ll likely be seeing anyone who does this later for a bandage contact lens after they rip off their epithelium.”

It just goes to show, some people think of crazy ways to pass the time. Hey, maybe it is boring in Idaho.

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