NASA Awards Contracts To Boeing, SpaceX

NASA awarded contracts today to Boeing and SpaceX to bring manned spaceflights back to the United States.

NASA administrator Charles Bolden said: “This is the fulfillment of the commitment President Obama made to return human space flight launches to U.S. soil and end our reliance on the Russians.”

Several companies have been competing to land contracts with NASA. Boeing and SpaceX won the competition and were awarded $4.2 billion and $2.6 billion contracts, respectively. ABC reports that Boeing and SpaceX will be paid after hitting certain milestones like a successful flight to the International Space Station.

NASA officials said that by using companies like Boeing and SpaceX for manned spaceflights to the international space station, the government agency can focus on bigger goals like a flight to Mars.

Elon Musk and SpaceX have already done some work at the International Space Station. The Dragon space capsule made its first unmanned journey to the space station back in 2012.

Boeing’s capsule, the CST-100, will fly atop an Atlas V rocket while the SpaceX capsule will use the company’s own Falcon 9 rocket. NASA said that it hopes to launch a manned spacecraft from Cape Canaveral by 2017.

John Elbon, Boeing vice president and general manager, Space Exploration, said: “Boeing has been part of every American human space flight program, and we’re honored that NASA has chosen us to continue that legacy … The CST-100 offers NASA the most cost-effective, safe and innovative solution to U.S.-based access to low-Earth orbit.”

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