Mother Of 44 Children Banned From Birthing More Kids


A mother from Uganda who has given birth to an implausible forty four kids has been banned from having any more children.

via Twitter; They have literally banned Mariam Nabatanzi from birthing any more children

39-year-old Mariam Nabatanzi was married off at the age of 11, birthing twins a year later. Following her first children, Nabatanzi delivered five sets of quadruplets, four sets of triplets and five more sets of twins due to her unnaturally over sized ovaries. The 39-year-old was forsaken by her spouse three years ago, leaving her as the lone carer of her extant 38 children. Nabatanzi resides with her kids in four incommodious houses with furrowed iron roofs, local news reports. They inhabit in a village flanked by coffee fields, approx 50-kilometers north of Kampala, Uganda’s capital. Physicians have now stepped in to cease Nabatanzi from spitting out any more offspring.

She expressed to local media that her uterus had been “cut from inside”, accordant to the outlet. The mum has been informed her ovaries are untypically large and was instructed by doctors not to consume contraceptive pills because of health concerns. She has already lost six children, her last kid perishing during childbirth three years back. The family are residing in extreme poverty as Nabatanzi does all sorts of odd jobs she can to make money, including brewing local gin, hairdressing, selling herbal medicine, selling scrap metal and even event decorating, news outlets report. The mother’s immoderate fertility is believed by experts to be hereditary, prompted by hyper-ovulation.


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