Monopoly Asks Facebook Fans For Official ‘House Rules’


Monopoly is still being played some 80 years later, and toy maker Hasbro wants Facebook to help it add five official house rules in an upcoming installment.

The rules will appear in the House Rules Edition, which is expected to launch sometime in the Fall.

Anyone who’s played Monopoly is well aware of different rules that can vary depending on who you play with.

For example:

  • If you land on free parking, you get all the taxes and fees
  • In jail? You can’t collect money from players landing on your properties
  • Only the bank can loan money
  • If you land on GO, collect double
  • If the game lasts over two hours, a fist fight is allowed to determine the winner


Okay, that last rule isn’t real, but you basically get the idea. The Monopoly Facebook page is taking suggestions through April 3, and here’s a special video:

According to the “special report,” 68 percent of Americans have never read the official rules, and 49 percent admit to playing Monopoly with their own rules.

What official house rules do you think Monopoly should add?

[Photo credit: Joel Bombardier]

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