Monkey Gets Hangry; Eats Florida Mail and Trashes Cop Car

Perhaps one of the most telling things that separate us humans from our primate cousins is tact — meaning, even if we know we’re annoyed, bored, or hungry (or even an unholy mix of all three), we know enough to zip it and keep it in and just smile and bear with it, because hey, we need to be polite in public.

Unfortunately — or fortunately? — our primate cousins have got it all figured out on how just letting your feelings out matters. And boy, how do they let it out.

Take Zeek, for example. Zeek was a monkey who managed to escape from his home in Florida one afternoon, and caused quite a stir in the neighborhood. Was he bored? Frustrated? Hangry? No one knows which one for sure, but you can bet he wasn’t too happy when the police showed up.

Why’d we say hangry, though? well, when you’re upset enough to go through your neighbor’s mailbox and scarf down its contents, I think it;d be safe to safe you’re way beyond mildly miffed and peckish.


And then he goes on to show how things are not A-Okay by ripping off the moulding of the patrol car. We do hope they’ve got insurance for that.

Not long after, the police managed to calm Zeek down with a cool bottle of water. Gotta quench that thirst, after all.

Keeping a monkey for a pet can seem like a barrel of fun (see what we did there?), but it also takes a lot of patience, understanding, and communication. Sometimes, monkeys may seem to be all happy and goofy and all smiles one minute, though a word to the wise too that monkeys sometimes smile when they’re anxious or frightened. They may also tend to behave like young children, in that they can be clingy, demanding, or fly into jealous or destructive fits in the presence of other members of the family.

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