‘Modern Family’ Editor Ryan Case Live Tweets Obnoxious Airplane Passenger

Ryan Case

Buckle up, this is a long and bump ride. Ryan Case, Editor for the Emmy winning comedy show Modern Family, was allegedly sitting behind the worst and belligerent airplane passenger to ever have on a flight. Ever.

Ryan case said she was flying American Airlines flight 185 from New York to Los Angeles when she began one of the longest, yet hilarious, live tweet sessions about the obnoxious woman sitting in front of her.

Again, this is long, but worth it. This lady probably didn’t know she was around a professional comedic writer but she does now… since Case snapped a photo of her for confirmation.

Case had to make sure no one assumed she acted on this person… like joking about committing the obvious crime.

Apparently this woman ‘knows people.’

Hilariously enough, she wasn’t supposed to be on that flight. She probably wishes she made her intended flight.

Now this woman doesn’t understand the phrase “personal bubble.”

BATHROOM BREAK. Ryan Case breathes easy.

Bathroom is apparently a memory stealer, as this woman cannot remember what happened before.

How did Case make it through. Or the people directly next to her.

Flight attendant FINALLY makes a move.

Winning tweet:

Things are getting serious.

Oh no. Poor Abdul. Run. Run. Abdul.

Name confirmation. Her name is Nadia. Perfect name.

THEN. We have a picture!

Case tweets that 4 cops were then next to her.

AS if those tweets weren’t perfect, here come a couple winners.

Case has commented to various news sources that, “[I have] no idea how I’d make her up.”

Hopefully this will be in an upcoming Modern Family episode.

[Photo credit: Flickr]

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