Meet Winter The Jumping Lamb [Video]

Winter the lamb

Who doesn’t like to jump on the bed? This video introduces Winter, the lamb. His owner filmed him doing one of his favorite pastimes, jumping on the bed.

Winter is seen discovering he bounces when jumping onto the bed. He begins gleefully hopping on and off, much to his owner’s delight.

The absolutely adorable video was uploaded to Youtube and is quickly gaining hits. It seems Winter is no stranger to viral videos. Back in August, his owner introduced him to the world. The proud owner shared Winter’s story: “Winter is a little handraised lamb i took on as a day old. We found him and his twin very weak due to being born on a very cold night. Sadly it was a little too late for his twin which passed soon after.”

Youtube is no stranger to pets doing quirky things. For instance, back in December we met Hamilton, the foodie pig. The little piglet sniffs his food like a true connoisseur.

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