McDonald’s robber demands chicken nuggets, instead gets breakfast food


A man has been imprisoned for robbing a McDonald’s and making off with not only some money but food as well.

McDonald’s is really stringent about what time lunch begins. Not only did he get nabbed, but he wasn’t even able to get the food he was hoping for at the time of the looting also. Rudi Batten pleaded guilty in February to robbing a McDonald’s, according to reports. Batten asserted to have a firearm and demanded cash from the register and compelled a manager to give him admittance to the establishment’s safe. While walking out of the door, Batten allegedly called for some of the fast-food chain’s illustrious chicken nuggets.

Regrettably for Batten, it was too early in the day still and the eatery was only serving particulars from its breakfast menu. Evidently, he was reluctant to wait for some Mcnuggets to be prepared, so instead the pilferer made off with a sausage McMuffin. Batten purportedly swiped more than $600 from the fast-food restaurant. He was reputedly recognized by CCTV cameras and later that day he turned himself into the police.

It was revealed that instead of a real gun, Batten had been menacing his dupes with a blank .177air pistol. Recently, a judge sentenced the McDonald’s bandit to six years in prison. Batten supposedly suggested that he had robbed the eating house in order to get funds to pay off a debt. His attorney said that he was chagrined and ashamed of his actions.


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