Matador Wipes Blood Off Bull’s Face Before Slaying It

matador wipes blood

A matador has been smacked with severe criticism after he was tapped wiping away the bloody ‘tears’ of a wounded bull before slaying the animal.

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Morante de la Puebla, 39, was particiapted in a bullfighting fete at the Real Maestranza bullring when the event occurred. In the footage, the afflicted bull can be witnessed with four banderillas – the spiked brightly colored sticks utilized by matadors – poking out of its back. Leader of Spain’s Animalist Party Against Mistreatment of Animals (PACMA), Silvia Barquero Nogales, expressed: “Only a malicious and perverse mind could torture an animal until the blood pours down its legs and then wipe its face with a tissue. The matador is just disguising his lack of empathy. Abolish bullfighting now!” Others gave their two cents with like sentiments, deeming the bullfighter ‘hypocritical’ and ‘sadistic’ as after seemingly displaying some sympathy to the critical bull, he then went on to murder it.

Although, bullfighting fans came to his defense, explaining that wiping away the blood as he did is a form of respect to the animal. We’re certain it’d be more respectful to not butcher it in the first place, however according to numerous it’s the ‘done thing’, with other famed matadors, including Jose Gomez Ortega, performing the same act. In Spain, bullfighting is still a very disputatious issue – with many petitioning for it to be banned and others stressing it is part of culture and tradition in the country. No matter where you stand on the issue, it’s a dangerous ‘sport’ in which matadors are injured on a pretty steady basis.

To watch the matador wipe the blood off the bull’s face prior to putting it down, click HERE.


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