Martha Stewart Breaks iPad, Blames Apple On Twitter

Martha Stewart Breaks iPad

Martha Stewart broke her iPad and then took to Twitter where she relentlessly engaged with the company over her idea for same-day fixes and unbreakable glass.

The entire scenario started innocently enough, Martha tweeted that she dropped her iPad on the ground and shattered two corners on the tablet. She then told her 2.8 million followers that she spoke with an Apple Care representative on the phone and the issue was being handled.

Apparently Stewart was confused about Apple’s repair policies and after getting off the phone she told everyone that an Apple representative was going to swing buy and pick up her device. As Apple users are well aware there is no same-day pickup service available for Apple products. Customers either ship their tablet to Apple or bring it in to an authorized repair store.

After Stewart realized her mistake she sent out a bunch of tweets aimed at making Apple change its policies.

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So to sum up her anger, Martha Stewart is angry that glass can cut people and that Apple doesn’t show up at a customers home to offer same-day repairs.

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