Unfazed Man Smokes At Bar As Armed Robbery Takes Place


One chap in the US pretended as if he’d stared down the barrel of countless assault rifles during an armed robbery on Thursday (29 August).

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CCTV footage from Behrmann’s Tavern displays an armed gunman bust into the establishment as staff and punters throw their hands up and grovel below the bar. However one gangsta – since dubbed Tony Tovar – appears to be unimpressed, glibly sipping on his beverage and playing on his cell as all amongst him tremble for their lives. The guy’s daftness/courage appears to inspire the bloke next to him, who tries to rise to his feet, thought the robber then points his weapon into his back and forces him to empty his wallet. He ironically doesn’t attempt to get anything from Tony, who seems to be chatting with the robber the entire time. The footage concludes with the robber making off with his cheese – which came to roughly $300 (£245), accordant to reports – with Tovar still puffing away like the event never happened.

Speaking about the robbery, Tovar told local reporters: “I said not another punk trying to pull a punk move. I’m so tired of people in South City thinking they can control people because they wanna muscle their way in with firearms or attitudes or some sort of aggression. I wasn’t really concerned. I just had a really good feeling he wasn’t out to harm anybody, he just wanted drug money.” Happy you had a good feeling Tovar – because we certainly did not! The robber has not been identified and St. Louis Police stated an investigation is pending. Luckily no one was hurt in the robbery – but we wouldn’t recommend implementing Tovar’s demeanor if you find yourself in an alike situation.

To see the gentleman sit and calmly smoke a stogie whilst having a gun wielded in his face, click HERE.


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