Man Sets Out To Photograph All 788 Of His Facebook Friends, Uses Kickstarter To Fund Project

Facebook Friends In Photograph - Ty Morin

Artists Ty Morin has 788 Facebook friends and unlike many users he actually WANTS to connect with those friends.

While many of us choose to hold onto old friends we never talk to, periodically checking in on their lives, Morin hopes to track down all of the users in his Facebook feed and photograph them.

To accomplish his goal Ty Morin has setup a Kickstarter fundraising page in which he writes:

“The goal of this project is to reconnect with people. No more hiding behind the screen of social media. Stop looking down at your phone and pretending you’re texting your BFF when you walk by an old friend from high school. Lets get out there and remind people what it’s like to have a face to face conversation with someone.”

Morin is shooting for a goal of $5,000 by March 26 and he has already raised $4,014 from 109 backers.

If the full amount is raised Ty Morin will use the money for travel, film, and dark room chemicals.

Morin hopes to capture his journey on film and turn it into a documentary.

In case you’re curious Morin says he has not met more than half of his Facebook friends in real life and he plans to take the process offline, using old print photograph in place of digital photographs.

On his Kickstart page Ty Morin writes:

“I’m going to do this the old fashioned way. Like back in the day when the idea of a photograph was more than just something to post on the Internet.”

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Do you think Ty Morin’s journey will ultimately help how we communicate with people online?



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  1. This exact project was started by Tanja Hollander two+ years ago (right down to the type of camera used). Her work was featured in an exhibit at the Portland Museum of Art. If you Google her name you will easily find that she has received both national and international press coverage for "Are Your Really My Friend? The Facebook Portrait Project." She is currently traveling and speaking throughout the United States in order to secure funding to complete the project.