Man Recreates ‘Wrecking Ball’ On Chatroulette [Video]

Steve Kardynal Wrecking Ball

Steve Kardynal is a YouTube star known for his crazy videos, which typically earn him over a million views each. So, it comes as no surprise that the self-professed comedian’s latest video is going viral. Kardynal posted his own special version of “Wrecking Ball” on Tuesday morning, and it already has almost 300,000 views.

The video features Kardynal’s adventure using Chatroulette while singing Miley Cyrus’ latest hit. Oh, and he even has the boots, sledgehammer, and a fake wrecking ball as props. The comedian is stunning and his performance is heartfelt, but what’s even better is the reaction he gets from whoever sees him.

The typical reactions were shock, laughter, disgust, and people singing along. While many people were initially confused or shocked by the performance, they eventually smile, laugh, and sing along.

“Wrecking Ball” isn’t Steve Kardynal’s first Chatroulette-based video. The comedian also did a rendition of Carly Rae Jepson’s “Call Me Maybe” earlier this year. That video has more than 6 million views. Without further ado, here is Steve Kardynal’s “Wrecking Ball” cover. We dare you not to laugh.



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