Man Gets Drunk Then Shoots At Imaginary Clown; Finally Sentenced To Jail

Photo by The Hollywood Reporter

Getting shitfaced drunk is probably not the worst thing that can happen during a good time, it’s actually what comes after that. For most people, this is just a big blur and they will not be able to remember the embarrassing things they did, like making out with a brick wall. However, there are more extreme cases of intoxication with a clown involved, which one man from Pennsylvania experienced.

35-year-old Nathan Matthias appears to not be able to hold his liquor well, or responsibly. Back in December 2016, Nathan apparently went out drinking all night and went back home in the morning. However, according to Nathan, it was not just home that was waiting for him, there were also two small clowns running around in his apartment. Additionally, Nathan also claimed to have seen said clowns on the neighboring house’s rooftops and fired at them.

Well, clowns are not exactly friendly and we all know that because of Stephen King. So Nathan grabbed his gun and started shooting at them. Much to the fear of his neighbors and witnesses who described him as having bloodshot eyes and carrying a bottle of vodka. After a long and tedious trial session that took years, Nathan finally pleaded guilty just recently. He also just received his sentence of 22 months to five years after being convicted of drunkenly shooting at nonexistent clowns and discharging a firearm in an occupied structure.

In addition to incarceration, Nathan is also to undergo a drug and alcohol abuse treatment as part of his sentence. So, in the meantime, there will be no more clowning around for Nathan.

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