To ‘Remove Negative Energy’ From Workplace Man Spikes Co-Workers With LSD


An Enterprise Rent-A-Car employee elected to spike his co-worker’s beverages with LSD in an effort to ‘remove negative energy’ from their workplace.

The 19-year-old slickster, from Missouri, USA, was busted when police were summoned to investigate after two of his colleagues were rushed to hospital when they felt dizzy and shaky. After being queried, the teen confessed to dropping the hallucinogen into two fellow workers’ water bottles and a third workfellow’s coffee that morning because they possessed ‘negative energy.’

The unnamed suspect, is potentially facing charges of possession of a controlled substance and second-degree assault, though nothing has been filed yet, accordant to the Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. The teenager was sent to jail however was released later – but, he’s no longer an Enterprise employee.

LSD is a potent hallucinogenic, which can be consumed in various forms. Liquid LSD, used by the now former Enterprise employee, is tasteless and colorless, meaning it would have been entirely undetectable when mixed into his innocent colleagues’ beverages.

The drug can begin to kick in after merely 20 minutes and with every trip distinctive to the user, there’s zero way of knowing how one will react. On one hand, there may have actually been a method to the man’s madness.

Micro-dosing LSD could assist in increasing productivity in the work place, says some reports. For years scientists have been probing the benefits of micro-dosing, yet it’s commonplace already in certain regions of America – with some Silicon Valley workers allegedly taking it in minuscule doses during the week to aid them in focusing better at work.

The dosages are not high enough to actually induce any hallucinogenic psychedelic effects. It’s too reported to have been examined for the treatment of depression and anxiety.


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