Man’s Monster Poop At Home Depot Mistaken For A Bomb Threat


A man, who is unnamed as of yet, wandered into a restroom at his local Home Depot and announced a warning to the occupiers.

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There are two forms of lavatory users: Persons who unobtrusively use it and don’t make a headline about their ordinary bodily functionalities, and, males. Whether it’s break wind, urinating or dropping a load, a great deal men (for some reason) are extremely open about their bodily functions.

One man in Wichita, Kansas, for instance, may have been just a tad bit too proud about his bowel movements. “You all need to get out of here because I’m fixin’ to blow it up,” said the man in the Home Depot latrine, prior to sauntering over to a stall.

The issue was, though, that one or more of the individuals in the restroom thought he was serious. They notified authorities, who arrived at the Home Depot fully geared to take on an ‘explosive situation.’

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Oh, and the police got just that … just not the type they were anticipating.

They investigated the hardware store and came up with nothing uncommon. After sniffing down the, now unmortgaged, man they came to the determination there had been a huge misunderstanding.

Can you fathom, how that conversation went! Let this be a lesson to you gentlemen out there. Perhaps next time you feel the urge, just mumble in your head: “This poopie, is gonna be good.”


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