Man Busts Woman in Prague Pretending To Be Deaf and Mute for Money

Buskers and beggars are an interesting lot. In some cases, they have truly been dealt all the wrong hands and genuinely need help. But some people manipulate the emotions of other people by busking and pretending to be hurt or poor when in fact, they are just pieces of feces. Take for example the woman you are about to see pretending to be full on Helen Keller (deaf and mute) for money, when in fact, this man proves her to be just a nasty human.


Did this man just perform a miracle on this mute woman and cure her simply by calling her out? Is he a mystic? A sage? An ancient shaman who spoke sacred words that healed her mute deafness?

No, she is a just a crappy person who gets busted and screams rape. I’m pretty sure mutes usually can’t scream that:

Good for this guy, BTW. It is one thing to give to people who truly need it. It is a whole other thing when someone is pretending to be sick or have problems just to take good people’s money. That’s evil.

I hope she goes deaf and mute. That’ll teach her.




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