Lululemon’s Chip Wilson Apologizes For Body-Shaming Comments

Chip Wilson Apologizes Comments

Lululemon founder Chip Wilson took to social media to apologize for comments he made during an interview last week with Bloomberg TV’s Street Smart. In the interview, Wilson implied that some women’s bodies weren’t built for the company’s clothing. Understandably, his comments drew sharp criticism from many customers and non-customers, who thought that he was making excuses for Lululemon’s poor quality yoga pants.

In light of the PR nightmare, Wilson released an apology video, which was posted on the company’s Facebook page:

Lululemon Facebook Apology

Wilson’s arguably insensitive comments came after customers complained about the quality of the company’s yoga pants. Users took to Facebook to complain that the pants developed holes after a few uses and pilled quickly. Others added that the pants were too sheer, even when they got a size larger than before.

The apology didn’t discuss customers’ complaints, only the interview with Bloomberg. Wilson stated, “I’m sad. I’m really sad. I’m sad for the repercussions of my actions. I’m sad for the people at Lululemon who I care so much about, that have really had to face the brunt of my actions.”

Unfortunately for Chip and Lululemon, his apology didn’t go over very well. Users tended to agree that Wilson’s apology wasn’t sincere, and he didn’t actually mean what he said. However, some users agreed with him, like R Dutra, who wrote:

YouTube Comment Lululemon Apology

What do you think of Chip Wilson’s apology for his comments about women’s bodies and his yoga pants? Check out the full video below and let us know.

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