Characters You Had No Idea Were In The Marvel Universe

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Who knows if they’ll join the Marvel Universe anytime soon, however, you’d be shocked at some of the famed heroes who’ve rubbed shoulders with Marvel.

via Pinterest; Godzilla marched his way through the landscape of Marvel.

One of the most insane Marvel story lines in the 1970s involved an enormous scaly monster, larger than a skyscraper, from an iceberg broke free and stomping around the United States. On its mission, the beast faced such Marvel obstacles as the Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D., and the Fantastic Four. One thing that was a bit mismatched? The demon wasn’t some Godzilla ripoff, but crazily enough, the actual factual. Yes, Godzilla herself (or himself?) battled with Marvel’s heroes, and the results were just as loco as you’d imagine.

Marvel sealed a deal with Toho Co., Ltd (the folks behind all the throwback kaiju movies) to sway Godzilla to their pages, and because they lacked money in order to license any of Godzilla’s familiar monster opponents, they instead kept the dinosaur monstrosity preoccupied with superheroes like the Vision, Black Widow and Iron Man. Doug Moench, writer, went all out pretty much in every issue, at one point making Hank Pym shrink Godzilla down to several inches — leading to a vicious one-on-one with a rat — and even throwing in a scene where grumpy ol’ J. Jonah Jameson screams at Godzilla outside his window. Marvel ultimately lost the big fella’s comic rights, though all of these tales have stayed in continuity.

via Grunge; Marvel crafted the Transformers you know today. Once the Transformers mythology was spawned, Marvel then premiered all the robotic heroes and bad guys in their own Transformers comic series


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