Losing Without Dignity: Canadian Hockey Player Pulls Off Silver Medal

Not sure how aware you are of the major ‘beef’ between Canadian hockey players and American hockey players, but it is a thing. There are whole movies dedicated to the topic, put it that way. Quite a rivalry, beyond what most understand.

To put it all in perspective, watch how this Canadian hockey player reacts to getting a Silver Medal at the olympics, placing behind the U.S.A:


Now there is a thing called sportsmanship, and nowhere should it be more prevalent the Olympics. YOU are picked for being the best of the best. Take your loss like an adult and be grateful. Plus, it was Silver, you placed and it wasn’t last. Grow up, really!

Losing and acting like a child only makes us pity how much you clearly pity yourself, Jocelyne Larocque (player’s name for those interested). Show some respect for yourself, the institution, and sport, honestly.




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