LeBron James Debuts Mask For Broken Nose, Twitter Loves It

LeBron James got a mouthful from Twitter after debuting his new mask

LeBron James debuted a black mask for his broken nose Thursday night and Twitter responded appropriately, comparing the NBA super star to the likes of Zorro, among others.

LeBron broke his nose in a game against the Thunder last Thursday. During the week he let everyone know he would be wearing a mask reminiscent of Bane from the Batman universe. Exactly one week after his injury, the public saw the new LeBron, only he didn’t look anything like Bane.

Instead LeBron James looked like more like Zorro, with a little Darth Vader mixed in. Of course, the twitterverse had its own comparisons. Here are just a few examples:

It might not be the reaction LeBron James was hoping for. It got so bad at one point that even one of the most popular retail websites got in on the joke:

James’ on court personality has always has always been a huge part of his game. He is a big character with the skills to back up his antics. It was not a mistake he chose a black mask, it was further proof that LeBron takes himself seriously when he needs to, and knows how to have fun when it’s appropriate.

Whether LeBron looks like Zorro, Darth Vader, Hannibal Lector, or anyone else, as long as the mask allows him to play he should wear it. He is one of the best players in the game and one of the main reasons the Heat could three-peat.

[Photo Credit: Keith Allison]

Scott Croker

Scott Croker grew up writing short stories and watching sports. It was only fate his two loves would combine into a life of sports writing. He grew up in the great sports city of San Francisco and currently resides in LA, which is just a football team away from being complete. As he has gotten older he has realized that there is not much more in life he needs to be happy than a TV and laptop, although going to games is nice too.


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