Lana Del Rey And Jennifer Lawrence Kissing Photo Is A Fake

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Lana Del Rey and Jennifer Lawrence fans freaked out this morning when a picture started circulating around Twitter that reportedly showed the two celebrities kissing. We hate to be the ones to burst your bubble (no, we kind of love it) but the photo is fake.

Well, not fake. It’s just not Jennifer Lawrence.

The photo has actually been around for awhile. It was taken back in 2012 by photographer Chuck Grant and it doesn’t actually show Lana Del Rey and Jennifer Lawrence kissing. Nope, it’s actually Lana and Chuck (Chuck Grant is Lana’s sister) sharing a kiss in the photo.

So who can we blame for the Lana Del Rey and Jennifer Lawrence kissing photo hoax? Well, I guess we should point the finger at Lana’s sister Chuck.

When the photo was originally shared back in April of 2012, Chuck wrote: “Getting a lot of messages about looking like Jennifer Lawrence, but this takes it a bit too far, don’t you think? Lana del Rey & Jennifer Lawrence.”

Chuck tried to clear things up with her next photo, writing, “Comforting to think that if my photography were to fail I could probably work as Jennifer Lawrence’s stand-in… #sisters” but an internet legend was already born.

So why is this trending now? Well, because internet lies never really die. Somebody somewhere saw this photo for the first time and believed that it was really Jennifer Lawrence and Lana Del Rey. And then the internet happened and the photo got shared to other people who didn’t know the image’s real origins. Of course, this isn’t the first time that a case of mistaken identity has gone viral. Earlier this week Arian Foster’s “number one fan” received a hefty load of internet embarassment after unknowingly posting a photo of herself with an Arian Foster doppelganger.

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