Arian Foster Doppelganger Fools ‘Number One Fan’

arian foster

You would think that the Houston Texans number one fan would be able to identify Arian Foster.

Jenni Bazard, who claims to be the “number one fan” of the Texans and Astros, was fooled by an Arian Foster doopelganger last night outside of a bar in Texas. How do we know? Well, the NFL player  said so himself.

Now, we can’t really blame Bazard for the mistake. When people see Foster on TV he’s usually wearing big football pads and a helmet. So it’s understandable that Bazard was a little confused when she saw him (but not really him) off the field.

But what about Arian Foster’s doppelganger? Was he walking around trying to impersonate the NFL star? Our bet is that an overzealous Bazard asked this guy for a photo and, confused, he probably said sure and struck his best professional running back pose.

The Texans fan must be a little embarrassed about the situation but she’s taking everything in stride.

Jenni Bazard didn’t meet her favorite player outside of a bar in Texas but she did talk to him on Twitter. That counts for something, right?


Dan Evon

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