Lady Gaga And Tony Bennett Announce Jazz Album, ‘Anything Goes’ Uploaded Today [Video]

lady Gaga jazz album

Tuesday morning Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett were in New York City for a very fun interview with the “Today” show and announced their plans to release a jazz album at the end of September.

The album Cheek to Cheek will hit stores September 23. Mother Monster and 87-year-old Tony Bennett are very excited to share with the world their latest work of art. Gaga told news sources the album is very organic. To get fans ready, the duet posted “Anything Goes” on YouTube today, available for purchase on iTunes.

“The collaboration has been so wonderful. It’s so natural singing with Tony. I just learn so much from him every day. I’m so happy.”

Bennett is the main man when it comes to jazz, while Gaga is known for other genres. Little known fact is that the “Applause” singer grew up singing all the jazz classics.

“Since I was 13, I’ve been singing jazz and I sang “Orange Colored Sky” in this event that we did together to raise money for the impoverished people of New York City,” Gaga said of the song made popular by Nat King Cole. “He heard me sing the song and he said ‘I love it. You singing jazz. You want to do an album together?’ And I said, ‘Of course!’ ”

Most little monsters can agree, Gaga is versatile and Bennett does too. “She sings so wonderful and she’s actually really a great jazz singer. She improvises every time we do a song. We do it over and over and it’s different every time,” Bennett said.

It’s clear from Lady Gaga’s Instagram, the two are the best of friends.

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