Kristen Schaal Mocks GOP’s Attempt To Win Over Women Voters

Kristen Schaal skewered the GOP’s new ad campaign to win over women voters last night on The Daily Show. 

The Daily Show’s Senior Women’s Issues Correspondent sarcastically applauded the Republican ad campaign for finally figuring out “what’s most important to women: Menfolk.”

Schaal says: “Women don’t see candidates as potential leaders. We see them as possible soul mates … and Republicans are finally running ads to reflect that.”

The skit focuses on a few recent GOP ads aimed at women. The ads use dating shows, relationship advice, and bridal gowns in an attempt to sway women voters.

Schaal says: “Republicans finally figure out how women’s brains work. This part (she touches her entire head) is devoted to thinking about relationships. And this part (she touches one small spot) is bitchiness.”

Here’s Kristen Schaal’s segment from last night’s show.

Are you a fan of Kristen Schaal? What did you think of her sketch?

With recurring sports on the Daily Show, as well as voicing the funniest character on Bob’s Burgers, Kristen Schaal is doing pretty well for herself. Of course, the spotlight could soon shine a little brighter on the comedian. Schaal is one of the women being rumored to join the new Ghostbusters movie.

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