Kobe Bryant Unfollows All His Teammates On Twitter

Kobe Bryant Unfollows Teammates On Twitter

Think you are the biggest Los Angeles Lakers hater on the planet? Think again! That right belongs to none other than Lakers star Kobe Bryant. The veteran basketball player took to Twitter this week to unfollow all of his teammates.

The Lakers have fallen into chaos over the last few years thanks to bad management and a plethora of injuries that would make the average NFL team blush.

At this time Kobe Bryant is only following 38 people online, and NONE of them are his own teammates. Sure he will keep up with Bill Clinton and some guy named Iced Coffee Addict, but he won’t follow the guys who rely on him on the b-ball court.

Here’s the tweet that exposed Kobe Bryant’s unfollowing decision:

And Bryant can’t claim he doesn’t understand Twitter and made a mistake, he has unfollowed former teammates and he has taken to the social network on various occasions to issue criticisms of fellow teammates and other NBA-based decision. Kobe might be mad at his fellow teammates but he is loving his sponsors:

Kobe is an aging dinosaur whose own injuries have slowed his teams progress over the last several years. It likely won’t be too long before Bryant finds that some of his own followers are jumping ship for the next big NBA star.



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