Kim Jong-un Visits Women Soldiers and Gets Memed

When you’re Kim Jong-un, life can be pretty interesting. From sporting the most in-demand haircut this side of North Korea, to answering questions about poorly-directed missiles like a bawse, it’s good to be the Supreme Leader.

And hey, you’re not just fantastic, you’re absolutely memetastic!

So, when the internet got its mischievous hands on a snapshot of Kim Jong-un visiting the female division of his divine army, with its ladies fawning over him, their adoring salty tears falling on the ground he walked on, Photoshop Wizards all around knew this situation was dying for a makeover.

First, here’s the original image:

And then the good people of the internet said, “Hey, these ladies are crying? Let’s give them a good reason to cry about.”

And true enough, these ladies cried a river for their Supreme Leader.

Or maybe they just know what’s going on under that shirt. Is it this (complete with Daddy’s approval)…

…Or this, like the superhero they think him to be?

Or maybe this is just the start to something really naughty about to happen… (Hint: to the uninitiated, Brazzers is a porn production company.)

… and then, it actually happened. Bow chikka wow wow! (Gasp, my eyes!)

All the ladies went wild over his skills. He;s an even bigger sensation than The Beatles and One Direction put together!

They all had to wear masks, though, because perhaps that was the only way they were going to get their Great Leader to give them a kiss.

Kim told them, “Ladies please, one at a time; I can barely keep up with all of you.”

All that action was hotter than a furnace!

After all that action, Kim took his girls out to some fine, fine dining.

As a fitting finale, their Supreme Leader brought in an international pop star to woo them with some ballads.

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