Kim And Kanye’s Baby Arrives [Twitter Reacts]

kim and kanye's baby

In Kardashian news, Kim and Kanye’s baby arrived Saturday fully five weeks ahead of schedule — if Kim and Kanye were telling us the truth about the baby’s due date.

Time flies when celebrity babies are incoming, and Kim and Kanye’s baby to be was announced to the world New Year’s Eve, when Mr. West told a packed concert audience to give it up for his baby’s mama.

Six short months later in June, the rap royalty baby appears to have made a break for it more than a month sooner than expected, and the news came as a surprise in the celeb social sphere.

But as Kim and Kanye’s baby arrived under tight security and with little word from the Kardashian camp (kamp?), Twitter got wind of the birth and weighed in — here’s a sampling of the top tweets as Twitter reacts.

There were the meta-gossip tweets:

The wild-ass speculation:

The mild joking:

A wild slut shaming appears:

The mockups:

And the typical Kardashian critique:

How did your Twitter react to Kim and Kanye’s baby’s birth?

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