Feminist Taylor Swift Account Is Singer’s Best Frenemy

feminist taylor swift

A new “Feminist Taylor Swift” parody account has managed to take both the horrible patriarchy reinforcement of Swift’s lyrics and combine it with some light humor to both skewer and idolize the singer for whom many feminist-leaning young women are still fans.

Liking Taylor Swift is, as Feminist Taylor Swift on Twitter points out, not a great place for a young feminist to be. Sure, Swift’s melodies are catchy and her voice is good and after all, she’s a successful young woman who (small voice) has managed to best all her exes by writing sharply pointed songs right at them.

If you haven’t gotten there yet, Feminist Taylor Swift isn’t actually Taylor Swift — it’s a fan and then other Twitter users contributing, taking the singer’s lyrics and re-slanting them to combat the patriarchy.

A sample from today includes:

And, we actually laughed out loud:

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