KFC Now Serving Deep-Fried Paper Towel

KFC deep-fried paper towel

Just last week, Col. Saunders’s fast food chain made the headlines because a branch supposedly kicked out a disfigured little girl for scaring the customers. As it turned out, it was all a hoax. The lengths people go to to get attention these days, huh?

This time, though, it seems that KFC has a new item on its menu: deep-fried paper towel.

The Daily Mirror reports that Krystal Henderson bought a chicken meal for her step-son Oliver Hallam from the Killingworth branch on Tyne and Wear in the UK. Who doesn’t love a KFC chicken meal?

But Oliver got more than he bargained for. When he bit into that ultra specially spiced chicken, instead of tender, juicy chicken meat, he found himself chewing a blue paper towel – the kind that’s used to wipe your hands after eating some finger lickin’ good KFC food!
KFC deep-fried paper towel
Naturally, the mother was upset, and went back to the restaurant, only to be told to call customer service; and we know how that goes.

It could just be a one-time incident, but just to make sure, the next time you order a chicken meal from KFC, check for deep-fried paper towel first, will you?



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