KFC and Pizza Hut Release Popcorn Chicken Pizza

popcorn chicken pizza

Pizza Hut and KFC have combined forces to commemorate National Pizza Day with the crowning finger lickin’ concoction: The KFC Popcorn Chicken Pizza.

This tantalizing pizza has been crafted using mozzarella cheese, KFC’s celebrated Gravy on Pizza Hut’s Classic Crust, lidded with fan-favored Popcorn Chicken and flecked with sweetcorn. Oh yes, that’s what the heck we’re talking about! KFC and Pizza Hut Delivery baited fanatics with the collaboration in 2019 and after calls from the people to make their pizza fantasies come true, the creation is headed our way for two weeks only. Pizza enthusiasts will be able to select between a large classic with no garlic and a large classic. Both will tax your pockets $24.69.

However, you better act quickly because the aberrant pizza will be available online through Pizza Hut Delivery from the 3rd of February to the 16th, and is featured as an option in all large pizza bargains. The main inquiry is – how can you get your mitts on a slice of the festivities? Visit PizzaHut.com to put in your order, though be speedy before somebody else bites the crust.

If the substantive pizza doesn’t float your boat but you could still go for some KFC, you can procure their vegan burger which has returned to their menu by popular demand after the sandwich sold out in merely three days. The burger includes all the famed 11 herbs and spices, but rather than implementing chicken there is a Quorn vegan burger. The classical mayonnaise in the chicken twin will be substituted with a vegan variant and the iceberg lettuce will stay intact.


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