Kanye West Gets Snubbed By IKEA, And It’s Hilarious

Kanye Gets Snubbed By IKEA

Infamous Kanye West is looking to widen his empire by branching out into furniture? Recently, West visited IKEA’s Sweden headquarters and sparked the gossip mill. However, it looks like the furniture giant wasn’t impressed with Yeezy’s idea. Earlier this week, they released a statement stating their decision.

A company representative on CNBC said on Monday that the Swedish furniture company was “flattered by Kanye West’s high interest,” but were not looking to “collaborate at this point in time.”

IKEA Australia had a little fun with the headquarter’s decision by making this tongue-in-cheek post to West’s recent hit, ‘Famous.’


Of course, the decision didn’t hinder West’s self-confidence. In a recent radio interview, the rapper explained his idea for designing “a minimalist apartment inside of a college dorm”.

And it didn’t stop there.

“Yo IKEA, allow Kanye to create, allow him to make this thing because you know what, I want a bed that he makes, I want a chair that he makes – I want more products from Ye.” West says.

Kanye said to BBC Radio One’s Annie Mac that, “I have to work with IKEA – make furniture for interior design, for architecture.”

We have to admit, West has a knack for turning something simple into something dramatic. I mean, he did sell plain white t-shirts for $120. So, there’s that.

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