Justin Bieber Fans Are Mad At TMZ For Reporting Police Raid

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Justin Bieber’s house was raided this morning after the superstar allegedly egged one of his neighbor’s houses earlier this week. Police found cocaine on the premises and arrested Lil Za. And you know who’s to blame for all of this? TMZ.

Yes, TMZ. Because TMZ had the balls to report on a story about a celebrity. They could have just ignored it. They didn’t have to give Justin Bieber all of this bad press. They didn’t have to make this a national story.

But they did and now they will have to feel the wrath of a million beliebers.

OK, so let’s go back to the beginning. Justin Beiber reportedly egged one of his neighbor’s houses last week. The police wanted to find out more about the egging and decided to raid Bieber’s house. When they did they found Lil’ Za and a pile of cocaine.

Sorry Beliebers, that’s just what happened. TMZ notes that Justin was “not connected” with the cocaine and that he hasn’t been arrested for egging his neighbor’s home.

So what did TMZ do wrong? Oh, right, they reported a negative story involving our one true god.

photo credit: Jetuma via photopin cc

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