Justin Bieber Explains Paparazzi Fight On Twitter

justin bieber

Justin Bieber had a rough morning. The singer, who recently had a bit of a health scare during a concert in London, was surrounded by photographers this morning as he tried to get into his van. And, needless to say, Bieber was not in the mood.

Within a span of 10 seconds there was shoving, cursing, threats of lawsuit, and a very angry Bieber shouting that he was going to beat the f*ck out of the reporter.

The incident started when Bieber’s guards pushed a photographer out of the way in order to get Bieber to his car. The photog, upset with the bump, said that he was being assaulted and told Bieber to “go the f*ck back to America.”

Bieber heard the photogs incident and jumped out of the van. The singer tried to swing at the photographer but his bodyguards were able to restrain him and get him back in the van.

The singer addressed the incident on Twitter today saying that he let his emotions get the better of him.

Bieber said that he was just frustrated and has been having a rough week. He is human, after all.

Now that the incident is over, the singer said that he was going to get back to focusing on his music.



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