Judge charged after reportedly shooting at husband’s girlfriend

judge shooting

A suspended civil court judge has been formally charged after supposedly shooting at her husband’s lover during a quarrel.

Last year, Alexandra Smoots-Thomas was suspended after being indicted for spending campaign funds on her mortgage payments, luxury items, jewelry, and more. After being slapped with wire fraud (10 counts to be exact), she proceeded to campaign this year for re-election. On July 14, Smoots-Thomas lost in the Democratic primary election runoff. Prosecutors say between January 2016 and March 2017 the Harris County district magistrate misappropriated roughly $25,000 in campaign monies.

judge shooting
via The Savage Diary; Alexandra Smoots-Thomas, a suspended judge, was recently charged for shooting at her husband’s side chick

After a confrontation at the victim’s home, the inactive judge is now facing felony charges. Detectives told reporters that Smoots-Thomas was in the girlfriend’s driveway causing a disturbance and honking. When the woman stepped outside, the judge shot at her, according to police.  Smoots-Thomas aimed a shotgun out of her car’s window when the victim charged at her with a large board, police told reporters. The woman attempted to thwack the firearm away with the board, after which Smoots-Thomas allegedly let off three shots, then fled the driveway.

Kent Schaffer, Smoots-Thomas’ attorney, said: “My client was in a car and the other woman was outside the car. I believe she was carrying a club or some sort of stick with the intent to assault my client and a gun appeared. A shot was fired but nobody was hurt.” Schaffer explained she was charged on Friday and held on a $10K bond. According to reports, the judge retains her innocence in the shooting case, while she simultaneously battles a diagnosis of breast cancer.


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