Joni Mitchell’s Condition Gets Better, Fans Relieved


On March 31, Folk Music luminary Joni Mitchell was found unconscious Tuesday afternoon in her home, rushed to the hospital and placed in an intensive care unit.  Fans the world over sent wishes and love to the 71-year-old musician, and hoped for the best of the situation.

As of today, her representatives are glad to announce that Mitchell is awake and is getting stronger day by day. Fans are encouraged to send their warm wishes and thoughts to

Woodstock icon Joni Mitchell is diagnosed with a rare and little-understood condition called Morgellon’s Disease, a strange illness characterized by creepy, crawling sensations on and under the skin, sores, and unidentifiable filaments emerging from the sores. It also gives the sufferer fatigue, short-term memory loss, and difficulty concentrating. This condition has prevented Mitchell from travelling, performing, or even recording in recent years.

“I haven’t been doing much lately because I’ve just come through about seven years of a flattening kind of illness, Mitchell says in an interview with The Star in 2013. “I’m not cured but I’ve found a helpful physician way outside the box. Western medicine says this doesn’t even exist; it’s a psychotic disease. It’s not.”

photo credit: Joni Mitchell Live in 1974 via photopin (license)

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