Johnny Manziel Might Be Playing Next Season In The Prison League

You probably saw this coming but Johnny Manziel has been indicted by a Dallas grand jury for beating his girlfriend.

johnny manziel indicted

Since he’s entered the NFL, Johnny Manziel has been even worse off the field than he has been on the field. He won the Heisman in college at Texas A&M as a freshman for the first time in history, but only went 22nd overall in the draft, probably because even then he had a reputation for misbehaving.

Before he even played a down in college, Manziel was arrested for disorderly conduct. Then he went to rehab in 2015 for drinking, videos of him partying are so common the paparazzi barely follow him anymore. Last year the Browns released him and it looked like he was going to go back home to Texas and be a Cowboy.

A few hours ago, Johnny Manziel was indicted for hitting his ex-girlfriend several times while driving. CBS reported that she tried to jump out of the moving car but he pulled her back into her seat and beat her again. His ex-girlfriend, Colleen Crowley, has a 500 foot restraining order on the quarterback.

Johnny Manziel’s indictment is only a misdemeanor, but there’s still a chance that he’ll go to jail if he’s found guilty. Any judge is going to have a hard time overlooking his past troubles with the law. But if he does get off, he can probably still play for the Cowboys, they’ve got a pretty long history of criminals on the team. And really at this point, don’t just assume 90% of professional football players are felons?

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