John McCain Reports For Jury Duty, Live-Tweets It Just Like You Do

John McCain tweets jury duty

Arizona Senator John McCain is an American just like anyone else. Well, except for being a war hero and former POW.

But Senator McCain reaches for the same Coca Cola as we do, and he is also subjected to the occasional duty of the common citizenry. We’re talking about jury duty.

“Doing my civic duty for a change,” McCain joked to AZCentral as he headed into the courthouse for jury selection. “We’re off to get those criminals.”

He has been called several times before, but never made it to the final round. “But you never know,” he said.

Contagiously excited, McCain decided to live-tweet the whole process of jury selection.

Your star is on the rise, John.

But then some bad news.

Is there still hope?

Oh, well.

But it begs the question: Could John McCain even have been selected to serve? He is a public official, after all. Does that create a conflict of interest of sorts?

Judy Stinson, associate dean at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University told Mashable that yes, McCain actually could serve on a jury.

“It’s possible,” she said. But … “It would be surprising.”

Though his role in the fate of one of his constituents doesn’t create a conflict of interest, Stinson said that it would be “very difficult” for his fellow jurors not to give him “undue weight” when it came time for a decision to be made.

Aye, there’s the rub. For him to actually be selected, the judge would have to be convinced that his opinion wouldn’t sway the other jurors. The more you know.

You know, the real lesson here is that John McCain is just like you, tweeting his way through jury duty.

Kokou Adzo

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