Jimmy Kimmel Gets People To Reveal Their Passwords [Video]

Jimmy Kimmel

Comedian, Jimmy Kimmel’s cameras are at it again. This time they hit up the streets to ask ordinary people what their Internet passwords were. Even with the recent web hacks, people gave up the information easier than they thought. It just goes to show that some people just aren’t too bright.

It’s hilarious how easy this people reveal their Internet passwords. “So what’s your password?” the camera woman asks. “My dog’s name and the year I graduated.” “Aww, that’s so sweet. What’s your dog’s name?”

Of course the lady tells her. Then she is asked about her high school.

“Where did you go to high school?”, “That’s cool. When did you graduate?”

Bam, password revealed. Some people even flat out say their passwords. One guy even spells it for them. Just a reminder, keep your passwords to yourself!

Just like all of Kimmel’s skits, the video has gone viral.

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