#JeremyMeeks Has Got His Own Trending Hashtag, But It’s Not All About Drooling Women

So the attractive mugshot dude, Jeremy Meeks (yup, he’s got a name), has got the Internet abuzz. Thanks to people who couldn’t help but drool over the hunky criminal, Jeremy Meeks became a social media celebrity overnight.

Yeah, we can’t deny that his mugshot is ridiculously easy on the eyes (he’s not the only one, by the way), but not everyone’s gushing over him. Check out how Twitter is now harnessing its creative power and riding on the #JeremyMeeks train.

First, Chris Brown gets trolled. Then again, he’s got nothing on Jeremy Meeks.

A shot of reality?

Then there’s this.

But there’s still some sort of good looks worship going on.

Are you into the #JeremyMeeks trend?



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