Jennifer Hudson Buys Assistant A House For Christmas

Jennifer Hudson Gives House For Christmas

Jennifer Hudson certainly knows how to surprise her friends with amazing Christmas gifts. The singer and actress posted a video to Instagram this week, showing her assistant and longtime friend Walter screaming and tackling her as he discovers her Christmas present to him — a house.

The video was captioned, “My assistant Walter’s reaction when he found out I was buying him a house for Christmas!” We can safely assume the papers Walter Williams drops at the beginning of the segment are the deed and other paperwork for the house. After he drops the deed, Walter flaps his hands around in pure excitement and emits several rather high-pitched screams as Hudson runs off the screen.

But she can’t run, as her very excited assistant tackles her on the couch, giving her a big bear hug.

The day after Hudson posted the heartwarming video, she added a photo of herself covered in snow with Walter in the background. She wrote, “He dumped me in these snow yal! That damn Walter!!” Thankfully, it doesn’t seem Jennifer took back the present because of his antics.

Jennifer Hudson and Walter Williams have known each other since grade school.

[Image: David Torcivia, H/T: Us Weekly]



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